Triangle Philosophy Combination Of Aesthetics And Mechanics

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    Triangular Structure   High Strength Frame

    The triangular frame is formed by a bending long pipe, with an aluminium alloy casting to lock the joint, leading to high performance of crush resistance.

    hybrid bike
  • 1730×630×1100 mm


  • 19.5kg

    Item weight

  • 26inch

    Tire size

Trip computer

Its trip computer can not only help the rider switch freely among the three ride modes, but also monitor the real-time data, like the speed, mileage, battery, settings and timely failure alert etc., to make riding much safer.

  • Mode setting
  • Power indicator
  • Failure alert
  • Mileage

26 inch large wheels

The branded wheels with special tread are nonslip and have excellent grip performance, allowing R8 to conquer various road conditions.

Adjustable handle

The handle can be adjusted for different groups to ensure the most comfortable riding experience.

Streamlined Saddle Comfort & Shock Absorption

The streamlined saddle made of high quality leather with good ventilation and resilience improves the riding comfort and reduces fatigue during long time riding.

Shock absorption; as though walking upon flat ground

The shock mitigation systems under the saddle enable riders to conquer various road conditions smoothly and gracefully.

Bright headlight

Its headlight lightens the light-insufficient environment to ensure a safe ride at night.

Brake warning light

A red and bright brake light in the tail will be on when you press the brake to remind the pedestrian and the vehicle at the back to keep a safe distance.

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