Full-automatic folding smart electric wheelchair

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  • 5

    Charging Time


  • 6

    Standard max. Speed


  • 1.2

    Rotation Radius


  • 11

    Ground Clearance


    Intelligent joystick controller

    Newly designed operation panel

    Small and comfortable, it accords with ergonomics. It will automatically brake when rider’s hand doesn’t touch the controller, which is super easy to control.

portable electric wheelchair

    Controller instruction

      • Power on/off

      • Horn button

      • Speed indicator

      • Contract Gear-(decelerate)

      • Operational joystick guidance

    • automatic wheelchair price
      • LED Light of 5 scales for battery indicator

      • Headlight switch

      • Extend / Gear+

      • Exit the extending /contracting mode

    electric wheel for wheelchair

    Great self-control ability

    Slowdown when going downhill

    When going downhill, it will decelerate immediately until stops if rider releases the controller, which guarantees rider’s safety.

    Strong power and quality lithium battery

    CE certification

    H3S installs branded battery, and the specially designed constant current& constant voltage charging has stable performance and long service life to meet the demands of indoor and outdoor usage.

    electric manual wheelchair


    (battery management system)

    Reliable charge and discharge technology not only provides 8-circuit protection but also enhances the efficiency of charge and discharge. Security is guaranteed.

  • Battery Equalization

  • Overvoltage Protection

  • Overcharge Protection

  • Current-limiting protection

  • Overcurrent Protection

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Temperature Protection

  • Anti-counter-flow Protection

    Precision and high-speed

    DC brush motor

    Smart dual-motor design, more powerful.
    The joystick controller and Omni-directional wheel make H3S easy to turn directions.

    Omni-directional wheel design

    360 ° flexible steering

    H3S is able to negotiate on a variety of road conditions, with excellent traffic ability and flexibility.

    Intelligent reversing reminder

    Real-time alarm is safer

    When reversing, H3S will automatically beep to remind passers-by around to ensure safety.

    safe ride at night

    Headlight design

    H3S always lights up the road whether it’s on urban streets or rural lane, outdoors or indoors.

    Safety guarantee

    Press the horn to give others reminder

    Clear and loud, the horn will ensure H3S enjoy a smooth experience even in crowd or heavy traffic jam.

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