Is Airwheel SE3S Motorized Suitcase Right For Me?(Chapter 2)


Abstract: Check out whether the Airwheel SE3S is suitable for you.


Airwheel SE3S smart electric suitcase

It is focused on the experience.

Airwheel SE3S electric luggage has a storage space of 20L, which is just enough to meet the storage needs of a week-long trip. In order to excellent storage experience, it has planned a functional partition inside the box, in addition to the large-capacity storage area, there are also different sizes of storage pockets, which can be used to place documents, data cables, notebooks and other trivial small things, so that the classification is clear, flexible and easy to take.


Airwheel SE3S smart electric suitcase

A very special design is that it has an adjustable buckle between the lid and the box body, which can not only be opened completely, but also can be opened halfway at 45°. Half-open state, the luggage inside the box will not be scattered out, but also flexible access to items to meet temporary needs, easy to operate, and private enough.


Airwheel SE3S smart electric suitcase

Exclusive APP.

Airwheel R&D team has developed an exclusive APP for the smart scooter suitcase SE3S, after downloading and installing it, you can not only check the basic information such as remaining power, cycling speed and mileage, but also flexibly set the speed gears and light colors/effects according to your own needs. Intelligent remote control, on the other hand, realizes a special control experience, which can freely set values such as forward, backward, speed, running time, cycle times, etc., so that the suitcase can move in the specified programming mode, which is highly interesting and can create a different experience for the journey.

In order to leave no regrets, Airwheel SE3S robotic luggage also takes into account the needs of some users to take the airplane, so as to do a hassle-free boarding. Its box volume strictly follows the international standard specification of 20-inch boarding box, no need to check-in, can be accompanied on board. The lithium battery not only meets the capacity of 73.26WH, but also adopts a modular design, easy to dismantle and install, do not have to use tools, even if the security check needs to be dismantled, but also can be handled with ease.

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